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Digital product creation & sales platform for creators.
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The Leap is an AI-powered digital product builder and link-in-bio storefront aimed at creators looking to monetize their work quickly. The platform allows users to build and sell digital products in minutes.

The AI-powered product builder removes the guesswork by guiding creators through the product creation process based on their expertise. The Leap also generates sales pages for the products created on the platform, which are automatically added to a customizable link in the bio storefront.

This allows creators to easily share their products across various platforms. The platform also offers seamless payment processing through its integration with Stripe, allowing creators to collect payments instantly.

Unlike other platforms, there are no subscription or revenue sharing fees, and all customer and lead data is owned by the creator.Once a transaction is completed, The Leap automatically sends the customer a unique access link to the purchased product.

This ensures that the creator's intellectual property is protected. The access link has expiration time and can only be re-authenticated by the purchaser.In addition to its practical functionalities, The Leap aims to make learning as engaging as watching a TikTok video.

It provides a new medium for creating bite-sized educational products designed for social media audiences and optimized for mobile consumption.Overall, The Leap offers a comprehensive end-to-end platform for creators to quickly create, launch, and sell digital products, eliminating the need for multiple tools or time-consuming processes.


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The Leap was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 4th 2023.
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