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Generated unique products E-commerce platform.
Generated by ChatGPT is an e-commerce platform that sells AI-generated products based on human imagination. The products listed on the website are created using DALL-E's AI image generator.

The platform offers customers a unique opportunity to invest in the products by backing them for just £1. When a product receives a backing of £1000, it is crowdfunded to sell on the site.

Customers will not receive the actual product but will receive a certificate of their investment. The proceeds from the sale of the products go to charity and fund sustainable projects. features different collections of products inspired by sound waves, indoor furniture ideas, outdoor collection, fashion, and creative ideas that are difficult to categorize.

Customers can search for products, add them to the cart, and check out. The website encourages customers to submit their AI product ideas for a chance to get featured on the platform and support a charity of their choice.

The platform aims to make customers' imagination a reality by providing access to unique and innovative products that one cannot find on mainstream e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

Overall, provides customers with a novel way of exploring and investing in AI-generated products while contributing to social causes.


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Pros and Cons


Crowdfunding investment opportunity
Investment as low as £1
Proceeds fund sustainable projects
Proceeds go to charity
Customers contribute product ideas
Creates reality from imagination
Offers products not on mainstream platforms
Ownership certificate for investment
Collections inspired by various themes
Early bird access for investors
Investors provided progress updates
Shop with imagination concept
Carbon neutral deliveries
Supports charity of customer's choice
Unusual product categories available
Email list for exclusive offers
Purely digital store
Good customer engagement
Promise of proceeds to charity


No physical product received
Limited product view options
No ratings and reviews
Charity distribution not transparent
No direct customer support
High crowdfunding threshold
No detailed product specifications
Limited item selection
No return policy specified
No shipping information


What is
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Can I actually buy and receive the AI-generated products on
What happens with the proceeds from the sale of products on Amaizon?
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Am I able to submit my own AI product ideas to Amaizon?
How does Amaizon aim to distinguish itself from other e-commerce platforms?
How much does it cost to invest in a product on Amaizon?
What do customers receive after backing a product on Amaizon?
How can a product be crowdfunded to sell on Amaizon?
Can customers search for specific products on Amaizon?
What happens when a product receives a backing of £1000 on Amaizon?
How does Amaizon make customers' imagination a reality?
Does offer any other services besides selling AI-generated products?
How can I get my AI creation featured on's platform?
What is the mission of
Are all the products on created by AI?
What will I receive for my £1 investment in a product?
Can I pick a charity for the proceeds to go to when I submit my AI product idea?

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