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ByAustin Wright
Visualizing new product ideas as your creative partner.
GPT welcome message: Ready to visualize your next product? Let's get creative!
Sample prompts:
Imagine a futuristic coffee machine.
Design a kid-friendly smartwatch.
Sketch a sustainable packaging concept.
Visualize a compact home gym.
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Creative Muse is a GPT designed to help users visualize new product ideas. It acts as a collaborative partner by generating creative concepts and design ideas based on user inputs.

When interacting with this tool, users can start with various prompt starters like 'Imagine a futuristic coffee machine' or 'Design a kid-friendly smartwatch' to get the AIs take on what these concepts could look like.

Users can further specify or expand on these prompts, enabling the GPT to generate more precise or diverse outcomes. The creative potential of the tool extends to a wide range of product design scenarios, from conceptualizing compact home gym equipment to imagining sustainable packaging concepts, lending users a versatile creative asset in their product development process.

This tool requires an active ChatGPT Plus subscription for users to engage and harness its capabilities. Created by Austin Wright, this GPT aims to stimulate and enhance creativity while making the design ideation process accessible and novel.


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