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ByAleksandr Glotov
Transforming product ideas into roadmaps.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Let's start shaping your product's future. What's your vision?
Sample prompts:
Let's discuss the product I have in mind
Help me create a product roadmap
Help me groom my product backlog
Imitate a Customer Development interview
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The Product Management Guide is a GPT designed to assist in various aspects of product management. This tool has been developed with the intent of helping users shape their products roadmap, whether they are at the ideation stage or already have a well-established idea.

Users can share their product idea with the tool, and it will assist in creating a roadmap and a backlog. Roadmapping is vital for outlining plans for a product and setting goals, milestones, and timelines.

Having a clear roadmap is essential for ensuring the successful development and launch of products. Backlog management is another significant area this GPT assists with, effectively aiding users in managing and prioritizing their backlog of tasks to ensure the product development process is systematic and efficient.

The tool also has a unique feature where it can replicate or 'imitate' a customer development interview. This can be particularly beneficial as a preparatory tool for those seeking to understand customer needs, wants, and problems.

By simulating these interviews, the GPT allows users to anticipate possible scenarios or challenges they might encounter. Prompt starters are provided to facilitate engaging, productive conversations with the GPT, including statements such as 'Let's discuss the product I have in mind,' 'Help me create a product roadmap,' or 'Help me groom my product backlog.' This GPT's overarching goal is to support users in shaping their product's future and actualizing their vision.

It presents itself as a practical solution for those seeking guidance and support in product management tasks.


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