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Automatically log product feedback from customer conversations.
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ProductlyAI is an AI-based tool designed to streamline the process of collating and organizing product feedback from various customer interactions across different platforms within a company.

It has integrations with numerous platforms including Intercom, Slack, Gong, and others. Its core function is to automatically detect, categorize, and summarise product feedback from these diverse conversation streams.

This is designed to assist product managers in building a clearer understanding of customer needs and wants, facilitating the development of products that accurately reflect customer preferences.

Alongside this, ProductlyAI features a comprehensive feedback tracking module, which allows for accessible and immediate retrieval of all the feedback received from a singular customer, enhancing the understanding of individual customer journeys and experiences.

ProductlyAI also provides AI-powered weekly feedback summaries delivered directly via Slack and can tailor notifications based on the detected emotional responses of customers.

These capabilities collectively help in providing a more intricate understanding of the customer base and informing product development.


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Mar 13, 2024
thank you i will suggest one tools that is : Ainezha ai tool
Mar 12, 2024
Asking for my info and phone no. before seeing the product is a big no-no from me. Can we at least get a video demo on the main page first?

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Pros and Cons


Streamlines product feedback collation
Integrates with numerous platforms
Automatically categorizes and summarizes feedback
Enhances understanding of customer needs
Facilitates accurate product development
Comprehensive feedback tracking module
Provides instant feedback retrieval
Enhances understanding of customer journeys
Delivery directly via Slack
Tailors notifications based on emotions
Fosters intricate customer base understanding
Informs product development
Logs feedback from customer conversations
Data collation and organization
Feedback from diverse conversation streams
Accessible and immediate data retrieval
Intercom integration
Slack integration
Gong integration
Integrates with Zoom
Saves considerable operative hours


No GDPR compliance mentioned
No multi-language support
Limited platform integrations
Emotion-based notifications unreliable
No real-time feedback tracking
Slack-only summary delivery
Overreliance on automated categorization
No mobile application
Lacks offline mode
No customization options


What is ProductlyAI?
What does ProductlyAI do?
What platforms can ProductlyAI integrate with?
How does ProductlyAI help with product management?
How does ProductlyAI categorize and summarize feedback?
How does ProductlyAI track customer feedback?
What kind of notifications can ProductlyAI send?
Can ProductlyAI detect and respond to customer emotions?
How can ProductlyAI improve my understanding of customer journeys?
Can ProductlyAI assist with data collation and organization?
Can ProductlyAI deliver feedback summaries automatically?
How can ProductlyAI help me understand individual customer preferences?
Can ProductlyAI provide feedback accessible immediately?
How does ProductlyAI facilitate the development of new products?
What kind of feedback does ProductlyAI work with?
Does ProductlyAI offer a feedback tracking module?
How is AI used in ProductlyAI's functionalities?
Does ProductlyAI provide weekly feedback summaries?
Can ProductlyAI be integrated with my current customer conversation platforms?
How does ProductlyAI detect customer feedback from conversations?

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