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ByAmy Li
Formats and refines product requirements.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Let's work on your PRD.
Sample prompts:
Define the user flow for login.
List the must-have features.
Suggest three core functionalities.
Draft a section on security requirements.
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PRD Wizard is a GPT focused on supporting product management tasks, specifically in formatting and refining product requirements. The tool aims to facilitate the creation and structuring of product requirements documents (PRDs), which detail the specifications, user experience, functionalities, and other associated details of a planned product.

The tool can be utilized in various ways in product development processes, from defining the user flow for login to listing essential features and suggesting core functionalities.

Additionally, the GPT can help in drafting sections regarding security requirements. By generating customised prompts, the PRD Wizard can assist in shaping the initial concept of a product into a comprehensive and detailed product plan.

Its use can streamline the process of PRD creation by providing insight and suggestions, making it useful for product managers, developers, or others involved in product planning and development.

The PRD Wizard operates atop of ChatGPT and a ChatGPT Plus subscription may be required for use. Note: As an AI, it continues to learn and improve, so the effectiveness and capabilities may change over time.


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