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Jusi is an AI-powered tool that assists businesses in creating technical specifications for their application or website development in a matter of minutes.

By utilizing a conversation-style dialogue with the user, Jusi collects all necessary information and creates a comprehensive technical specification that considers business analysis and features lists.

Jusi then conducts a search for development studios that meet multiple criteria, and presents the top 20 most suitable candidates to the user. Jusi also gathers data regarding pricing, timeline, and other details from the selected development studios.

This tool claims to be able to reduce application production times by up to 20 times and lower costs by up to 12 times. It aims to eliminate the overwhelming and daunting task of searching for the right development studio by automatically identifying potential prospects within the user's budget range that fit their technical and creative requirements.

Overall, Jusi seeks to offer a simple, fast, and rigorous solution for businesses to bring their ideas to life with the help of AI.



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