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Crowdbotics is an AI-powered platform aimed at accelerating app development. The platform utilizes systematic code reuse to minimize risk and expedite the development process.

The process includes four main steps: plan, match, assemble, and complete. In the planning stage, AI technology is used to enhance the process of defining app requirements.

The match function involves using AI to connect reusable code modules to those app requirements. In the assemble phase, AI technology is employed to compile these code modules into an almost complete app.

The final step involves developing distinctive features to finalize the app. Crowdbotics offers users the ability to go from app concept to a fully custom specification within seconds.

Furthermore, Crowdbotics provides a range of services for clients building CodeOps practices with the platform. They offer services from developing a new app idea to working on an existing project.

The platform can also generate a detailed, custom Product Requirements Document (PRD) without the need for technical knowledge.


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May 28, 2024
Build plan was highly detailed, and the tool suggested a lot of good new ideas based on my original input. PRD structure is straightforward, and CSV download makes it easy to share and upload to Jira.

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Pros and Cons


Accelerates app development
Minimizes development risk
Systematic code reuse
Clear four-step process
Enhanced planning stage
Distinctive features development
Rapid app concept to spec
Range of services offered
Services for new and existing projects
Requirements matching
Generates Product Requirements Document
No technical knowledge required for PRD
Collaboration with Microsoft
Services for CodeOps practices
Cost estimating tool
Extensive documentation and resources
Support services available
Trial basis available
Good for multi-industry use
Customer stories and case studies
Can generate detailed custom specification
Delivered under the budget
Platform services offerings
Free account creation
Microsoft Partnership
Business-ready app building resources
Automation in defining app requirements


No multilingual support
No offline functionality
PRD only, no tech spec
No mobile app
No manual coding option
Limited distinctive features support
Non-transparent pricing model
Locked to platform
Limited post-assembly processing
Limited integrations with other systems


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