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AI is an incredible tool, but it requires the right inputs in order to generate the right output.

That's why we've built a content generator that does extensive research prior to writing your article.

SEO optimization is great, but what you really need is better content. Google isn't fooled by keyword stuffing. The March 2024 Core Update makes it clear that high-quality content is the key.

You still need to target the right keywords, which Lede will help with, but you don't need to fuss with the SEO busy work that most SEO content generators propose to "solve."

Our tool helps you produce long-form, information-dense articles, the type that both humans and robots find valuable.

Lede is free to try, so give it a try and see why we're doing things differently.

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Apr 9, 2024
Unable to sign up for an account
Apr 9, 2024
This is fixed now. Thanks for reporting!
Apr 9, 2024
I’ll take a look. Where are you blocked?
Apr 9, 2024
Hello Jerad, On the signup form itself. Putting my name and email and seeing a 400 error
Apr 2, 2024
may be add a google login option ?
Apr 2, 2024
Agreed. I'll look into adding some more authentication options 👍

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Pros and Cons


Transforms Reddit threads to content
Generates multiple content forms
Personalizes content
Content customization features
Adjustable writing style
Control over post length
Unique flair addition
Target specific audience
Free content generation tier
Paid plans for more content
Facilitates content repurposing
Aids in text analysis
Extracts from Reddit content
Blog post synthesis
Enables audience targeting
Adopts preferred writing style
Guides post length control
Unique content creation
Content matches user preferences
Writing style specifications
Custom content length
Free tier report generation
Generates multiple reports
Enhanced function with subscription
Generates research articles
Generates news roundups
Extracts from Reddit comments
No credit card for free tier
Upgradable content generation
Content customization through flair
Uses ChatGPT for personalization
Multiple accessibility options
Rolling period report creation
Enhances content uniqueness


Limited to Reddit content
Limited free tier
No multi-platform support
No collaboration features
No data export options
No direct integration with Reddit
Limited content type outputs


What is Lede and what is it used for?
How does Lede use ChatGPT?
What forms of content can Lede turn Reddit threads into?
Can I customize the content generated by Lede?
How does Lede analyze Reddit posts and comments?
What is the process of transforming Reddit threads into blog posts using Lede?
What are the requirements to use Lede?
How can I add unique flair to the content created by Lede?
What options does Lede offer for writing style, post length, and audience customization?
Who might find Lede useful?
What is the cost of using Lede?
What do the free and paid tiers of Lede offer?
How can owning an OpenAI API key benefit a Lede user?
How does Lede ensure the uniqueness of the output?
How many reports can I generate with Lede in a rolling period?
How does Lede's content personalization work?
How is audience targeting accomplished in Lede?
Can Lede also create research articles and news roundups from Reddit threads?
How do I sign up for Lede?
What are the benefits of upgrading to Pro on Lede?

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