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Contextify is an AI-supported tool designed to redefine user interaction with web content. Acting as a valuable extension of the Chrome Web Store, this intelligent application aims to simplify the user's online experience.

The key functionality of Contextify is its ability to allow users to select snippets of text on any website and trigger custom prompted actions based on selection.

This includes offering options such as translation, summarization, rewriting, or brainstorming. Contextify is specifically designed to adapt its prescribed response to specific prompts of users, making it a dynamic tool that effectively tackles a wide range of tasks.

It is developed by Nordfjord Limited and can easily be added to the Chrome browser via the Chrome Web Store. One of the major commendable facets of Contextify is its commitment towards user privacy, as specified by the developer's insistence on not collecting or using user data for any purpose.

This, coupled with its unique offerings, makes Contextify an interesting addition in the realm of AI tools.


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