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Wiseses AI is a multifaceted tool for generating, editing and publishing unique content. It leverages advanced AI models like ChatGPT 4, Babbage, Ada, Stable Diffusion and Dall-E.

An impressive attribute of Wiseses is its multilingual feature, enabling businesses to create content in various languages for amplified reach. It accommodates the generation of a myriad of content types, including product descriptions, blog posts, email newsletters, and more, offering over 70 templates.

Users can manage all their documents (projects) through an advanced, responsive dashboard that provides insightful analytics and team activity monitoring.

Additional features include secure payment gateways for processing various electronic payment methods, two-factor authentication for added security, and easy content export in plain text, PDF, Word or HTML.

Users can also tap into a support ticket system directly from the dashboard. Furthermore, Wiseses AI has additional capabilities, such as generating SEO optimized content, summarizing texts, creating FAQ answers and programming assistance.

Content creation metrics can be tracked in real-time, including engagement and workflow progress. It is also designed for integration with popular platforms, including Squarespace, WordPress, Intercom, Twitter, Amazon, and Mailchimp.


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