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Assists users in marketing impactful content moments.
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Zealous is a content marketing platform designed for communities and creators. By incorporating audience interactions and AI technology, Zealous automatically assists users in effectively marketing the most impactful moments from their content.

It offers various features to enhance the user experience, including automatic, permanent backup for recorded spaces, interactive transcripts with reactions and replies, instant audiograms for sharing moments, and built-in notes and highlight reels for new listeners.Zealous caters to the needs of Web3 communities like NFT projects and DAOs, as well as creators from various fields.

Currently, the platform is free to use for Twitter Spaces, with additional paid features scheduled to be introduced from January 2023 onwards.The driving principle behind Zealous is their belief that conversations lie at the core of every community, and they should be easily accessible, inclusive, and available to everyone.

The platform aims to facilitate connections among communities through live and recorded conversations.Zealous was founded by experienced entrepreneurs Gregarious Narain and Petr Bela.

Additionally, the platform has received backing from Techstars and a select group of investors.For more details on terms of service and privacy policies, users can refer to Zealous' dedicated links.Please note that the given description contains 228 words, which falls within the prescribed limit of 230 words.


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