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Language-enhancing and automating content tasks.
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Finito AI is a tool that allows users to utilize AI capabilities within any application or website. By simply selecting text and pressing the Control key, Finito AI leverages ChatGPT, an AI model, to perform several tasks.

These include correcting grammar, enhancing writing, generating ideas, translating languages, answering questions, and more.After selecting the desired text in any app, Finito AI appears with a list of commands, giving users numerous options to transform their chosen text.

The AI-powered version can then seamlessly replace the original content. Additionally, Finito AI offers a question-answering feature, allowing users to directly ask questions.One advantageous aspect of Finito AI is its customizable functionality.

Users have the ability to personalize the tool with their own commands and shortcuts. This process is user-friendly and quick.Finito AI is available to users for free, enabling them to access its AI capabilities without any cost.

The tool can be downloaded from the company's website.Overall, Finito AI empowers users to leverage AI's potential within their existing workflows, assisting them in various language-related tasks such as grammar correction, content improvement, language translation, and question answering.


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