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Convert raw ideas into evocative compositions.
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i-Resonate is an AI-powered writing assistant that assists users in creating impactful and expressive content. It enables writers to check emotions and analyze quality during their writing process.

With features like voice input, keyword-based content creation, content generation from titles, and use of handcrafted templates, users can create authentic, personalized content.

Its additional features include the capacity to import and refine text and PDF files in the editor, and to generate coherent content. The platform also provides competency-building exercises to sharpen users' critical thinking and boost storytelling, empathy, argumentation, and narrative skills.

i-Resonate also offers a feature to assess the potential appeal of articles before they are published, based on various intrinsic parameters like credibility, creativity, and engagement potential.

i-Resonate is designed to work seamlessly across devices, promoting productivity and efficiency. Its team version streamlines content workflows, empowering seamless collaboration for high-quality results and significant time and cost savings.

It operates on a 'free to try' basis for personal use, with options to upgrade to premium plans. There are usage limits attached to some features, with 'top-ups' available for particular features if necessary.


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Pros and Cons


Voice input feature
Keyword-based content creation
Content generation from titles
Use of handcrafted templates
Text and PDF import
Text refining functionality
Coherent content generation
Critical thinking exercises
Storytelling skill development
Empathy and Narrative training
Argumentation skill enhancement
Pre-publication content appeal assessment
Cross-device functionality
Streamlined content workflows
Collaboration support
Time and cost savings
Free to try
Plan upgrade options
Feature usage limits
Feature 'top-up' options
'MessageCraft' engine for templates
Content emotion analysis
Suitable IDIOMS AND PHRASES recommendation
Toxic language warning
Secure content storage
Workflows for teams
Automated blog generation
Grammar checker
Sentence rephrase tool
Content quality analysis
Content positivity index
Offensive & Toxicity Check
Fact/Emotion balance analysis
Customizable message templates
Functionality to add decorators and enhancers
Toxicity meter
User-friendly interface
Real-time notifications
Transparent tracking
Frequent usage discounts
Potential for content customization
Automated summary generation
App available on Play Store/AppStore


Limited free feature use
Additional cost for top-ups
Requires internet connectivity
Limited pre-set templates
Requires account creation
Potential GDPR complications
Limited team collaboration capacity


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What is the 'free to try' option in i-Resonate?
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