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Rephrases sentences, rewords paragraphs, and checks grammar in 100+ languages.
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Paraphrase Tool is an AI-powered tool that aids users in various writing tasks. The tool is capable of paraphrasing text, rewording paragraphs, rewriting essays, checking grammar, and eliminating plagiarism.

It is crafted to transform your words and thoughts to match your expression by generating the best suited paraphrases. Further, it helps bypass writer's block by enabling users to create paragraphs from keywords instantly.

It supports in composing documents such as articles, cover letters, essays and much more across more than 100 languages. Additionally, it ensures your text is original and free of plagiarism with its plagiarism checker.

The AI tool has 20 distinctive modes covering various aspects of writing, such as a summarizer tool, grammar checker, text simplifier, sentence shortener, and sentence rephraser.

The tool is designed with a conscious effort to consider the context at both sentence and paragraph levels, providing accurate results.

Paraphrase Tool was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 29th 2022.
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May 30, 2023
I just joined the website, hope it would be a worthy experience

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Pros and Cons


Supports 100+ languages
18 distinct modes
12 free modes
Grammar checking feature
Plagiarism detection
Output in seconds
Text simplification available
Context aware rephrase
Key-word based text composing
Generates paragraphs from keywords
Free plagiarism checker
Plagiarism support for 50+ languages
Sentence shortening feature
20 distinctive writing modes
Document composition support
Support for various document types
Mode for text simplification
Considers multinlingual context
Free modes availability
Premium modes for advanced needs
Highly cost-effective
Optimized for writers' block
Rewrites whole essays
Comprehensive writing aid
Text transformation abilities
Multi-mode summarizing tool
Writing assistance for cover letters
Ideal for content creation
Caters to professional writing needs
Featured in renowned platforms
Efficient for lengthy documents
Bypasses initial drafting phase
Eradicates accidental plagiarism
Revolutionizes first draft writing
Generates content from existing text
Eliminates need for translation
Flexible plans for needs
Unlimited premium features at affordable cost
High-performing algorithm for context awareness
Broad scope of use
Variations in paraphrasing styles
Supports large scale text rewriting
Superior expression matching
Elegant user-friendly interface
Simultaneous multi-feature use
Works as short story generator
Functions as poem and essay generator
Keyword-optimized paragraph generation
Ideal for professional writing
Exceptionally low cost for premium


Limited free paraphrasing modes
Monthly premium cost
Limited free plagiarism checks
Limited paragraph generating in free version
No open-source for custom developments


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Can I use Paraphrase Tool for commercial purposes?
Is my data secure with Paraphrase Tool?
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Can Paraphrase Tool help me write my cover letter faster?

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