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Rewrite Text with our advanced article rewriter tool.
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The 'Article Rewriter Tool' is designed to transform, or 'rewrite', text by using advanced algorithms to ensure the original meaning is maintained. The tool contains five different modes for various text alteration purposes.

The 'Word Changer' mode is crafted to target individual words in the input text and replace them with suitable synonyms. On the other hand, 'Sentence Rewriter' mode is created to reconstruct the sentences without changing the meaning.

For eliminating plagiarism, 'Plagiarism Remover' mode can rewrite the content to become unique and original, while the 'AI Rewriter' mode utilizes AI algorithms to understand the text's context, hence making substantial changes without distorting the original sense.

Lastly, the 'Paragraph Rewriter', which is also AI-powered, rewrites the content at the paragraph level, introducing smart alterations. The tool also incorporates features for checking grammar and improving readability, thus outputting content free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

Users can use this tool seamlessly, either by pasting the text directly or uploading the file, and the result is quickly returned. Suitable for a wide range of content such as blog posts, academic texts, and marketing content.


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Pros and Cons


Five different rewriting modes
Grammar check feature
Improves readability
Supports multiple methods of input
Offers quick output
Wide range of content suitability
Plagiarism removal feature
Advanced synonym substitution
Sentence reconstruction flexibility
Multilingual support
Hosts online on webpage
Allows social logins
Free and paid plans
Modes for targeted rewriting
Converts passive voice to active
Supports large word count
Specific mode for word level changes
Specific mode for paragraph level changes
Multiple file formats for upload
Prevents copyright infringement
Simple and easy to use interface
Fast processing speed
Requires no registration for use
Automatic grammar correction
Time saving tool
Works with any internet browser
Retains sentence's original context
Available as different OS apps
Data privacy and security
Educational value for students
Helpful for bloggers and SEO experts
Efficient text transformation
Flexible content customization features
Efficient plagiarism remover
Posting content directly


Word Limit Constraints
Limited Content Customization Options
Mode Options can be Overwhelming
Premium Requirement for Some Modes
May Require User Registration
No API for Integration
Lack of Detailed Documentation
Potential Misinterpretations in Text Context
Unexpected Semantic Alterations
Limited Multilingual Support


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Why are there five different modes for text alteration in the Article Rewriter Tool?
Do you need any special skills to operate the Article Rewriter Tool?

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