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ByXinming Tu
Your go-to writing assistant.
GPT welcome message: Hello! What would you like to revise today? Email, message, article, or something else?
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Revise my email:
Edit my message:
Enhance my article:
Polish my essay:
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Witty Wordsmith is a GPT designed to function as a writing assistant. It is an application built on top of ChatGPT and is created to help users polish and revise their written content.

Whether your task involves revising an email, amending a message, enhancing an article, or polishing an essay, Witty Wordsmith can adapt to assist with these projects.

When interacting with Witty Wordsmith, users are welcomed with a prompt asking what they would like to revise. Follow-up actions might include 'Revise my email', 'Edit my message', 'Enhance my article', or 'Polish my essay'.

Users can then input their text for revision, after which Witty Wordsmith updates the content bearing in mind considerations of structure, grammar, vocabulary, and overall narrative flow.

The primary objective of this GPT is to facilitate better, more precise written communication. It's important to note that Witty Wordsmith requires ChatGPT Plus.

It provides an ease-of-use interface for interacting with the underlying ChatGPT model and extracts maximum utility from it in context of text revision and editing.


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