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Improved writing suggestions for alternative phrasing.
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Help Me Rewrite is a user-friendly app that leverages AI technology to assist users in enhancing their writing skills through the provision of alternative phrasing and word choices.

This app offers a simple interface and intuitive features, enabling users to effortlessly refine and enhance their written content. Whether users aim to improve the clarity, coherence, or effectiveness of their writing, Help Me Rewrite serves as a valuable tool.The app's functionality is aimed at generating more polished and impactful written pieces.

It suggests alternative word choices and offers rephrasing recommendations to facilitate the enhancement of users' writing. By incorporating AI technology, Help Me Rewrite streamlines the process and provides instant suggestions, allowing users to spend less time on manually refining their writing.Data safety and privacy are prioritized in Help Me Rewrite.

The developer assures that no data is shared with third parties, and no user data is collected. Users can find detailed information regarding data collection and sharing practices in the app.Bug fixes and improvements have been implemented in the most recent update of Help Me Rewrite, ensuring a smoother user experience.Developed by SOFTINTTECH, a renowned developer in the productivity category, Help Me Rewrite is one of their many offerings designed to assist users in various aspects of their daily lives.

Users who value effective communication and want assistance in enhancing their writing skills will find Help Me Rewrite to be a valuable tool.


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Help Me Rewrite was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Intuitive features
Simple user interface
Instant writing suggestions
Enhanced phrase recommendations
Alternative word choices
Data safety prioritized
No data shared externally
No data collected
Frequent bug fixes
Improves writing coherence
Refines written content
Developed by renowned developer
Facilitates effective communication
User-friendly design
Offers in-app purchases
Over 50 downloads
Respects privacy policy
Good for improving skills
Effortless writing refinement
Latest update in July


No offline mode
No multi-language support
Limited phrasing options
No desktop version
Doesn't support long texts
No plagiarism check
No grammar check
No real-time correction feature
Doesn't support specific writing styles
No collaboration feature


What is Help Me Rewrite?
What does Help Me Rewrite offer?
How does Help Me Rewrite use AI technology?
Can Help Me Rewrite assist in improving the clarity and effectiveness of my writing?
Does Help Me Rewrite provide instant suggestions?
Is Help Me Rewrite user-friendly?
What are the features of Help Me Rewrite?
How does Help Me Rewrite ensure data safety and privacy?
Is my data shared with third parties when using Help Me Rewrite?
What improvements were made in the recent update of Help Me Rewrite?
Who developed Help Me Rewrite?
In what category of apps does Help Me Rewrite fall?
What kind of users will find Help Me Rewrite useful?
What are the in-app purchases available in Help Me Rewrite?
What is the content rating for Help Me Rewrite?
Can I add Help Me Rewrite to my wishlist on Google Play?
Does Help Me Rewrite collect any user data?
What other apps has SOFTINTTECH developed?
How can I contact the developer of Help Me Rewrite?
Where can I find the privacy policy for Help Me Rewrite?


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