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ByZ Jiang
A revision assistant for maintaining originality in edits.
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Quick Revise is a GPT designed to enhance your editing and revision process. It primarily targets the preservation of originality in content as it undergoes the revision process.

Users can easily drop in text data which can range from sentences to entire paragraphs or even upload a .txt file, demonstrating remarkable flexibility in the type of input it can handle.

Apart from that, specific textual revisions can be requested by prefacing your description with '##'. This provides a versatile method for users to guide the overall direction of their revisions.As soon as the tool receives an input, it instantly embarks on revising it, making sure that the user gets their desired refined text in a minimal amount of time.

Its developer, Z Jiang, has ensured seamless integration with ChatGPT Plus, making it a robust tool that harnesses the capabilities of ChatGPT Plus to provide a useful service.More notably, Quick Revise offers a way for users to retain the essence of their original text while improving it.

This unique capability allows the tool to deliver revisions that not only meet the demands of refined and polished text but also preserve the original creative intent of the users writing.

Sign up is required to fully utilize Quick Revise, which is understandable considering the sophistication and utility it provides to users. It's a useful GPT for anyone looking to improve the quality of their text rapidly while ensuring the authenticity of the original message isn't lost in the revision process.


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