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Optimized posts improve social media presence.
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RewriteWise is an AI-driven tool that helps non-native speakers enhance their social media presence by proofreading, rewriting, and optimizing their posts.

The tool offers advanced AI-driven proofreading technology that scans social media content for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, improving the credibility of the written text.

Moreover, the powerful AI rewrites social media content to achieve native-like fluency and clarity, enabling users to express their ideas in a foreign language more effectively.

Additionally, RewriteWise offers an optimization tool that analyzes posts for tone, readability, and keyword usage, tailoring content to the target audience and maximizing engagement and growth.

RewriteWise offers various use cases tailored to different needs, including multilingual social media management, international content marketing, engaging customer support, boosting personal branding, influencer collaboration, and product localization.

The tool offers flexible pricing plans, including a free Starter plan with limited daily access, an Influencer plan with unlimited access and advanced features, and a Dynamo plan that empowers teams with group collaboration, priority support, and assistance.

RewriteWise is a Telegram bot that users can access by initiating a conversation and following the on-screen instructions. The tool supports various payment methods, including cards through Stripe, and provides a support team that offers assistance to users on the Team Plan.

Finally, RewriteWise is committed to maintaining users' data's privacy and security by employing industry-standard encryption and security measures.


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Pros and Cons


Enhances social media presence
Advanced proofreading technology
Scans for grammar errors
Scans for spelling errors
Scans for punctuation errors
Improves text credibility
Rewrites for native-like fluency
Offers content optimization
Analyzes tone in posts
Assesses readability of content
Analyzes keyword usage
Maximizes engagement and growth
Tailors content to audience
Flexible pricing plans
Free Starter plan available
Group collaboration feature
Priority support and assistance
Accessible via Telegram bot
Supports various payment methods
24/7 support team
Secured by industry-standard encryption
Privacy and security measures
Foreign language expression enhancement
Facilitates international content marketing
Enables influencer collaboration
Supports product localization
Unlimited access for Influencer plan
Provides hashtag and keyword suggestions
Access to the service in a group
Supports sentiment analysis
Supports multilingual social media
Idiomatic language enhancement
Supports 1,000 posts per day for Dynamo Plan
Helps in boosting personal branding
Helps in engaging customer support
Access suitable for multilingual management
Expands brand's global reach
Supports collaborative work with international influencers
Enhances customer satisfaction with clear support responses
Helps in crafting localized and optimized content
Supports Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover
Supports Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay, and Mada cards


Only available through Telegram
No refunds offered
Limited daily access on free plan
Group collaboration only on highest plan
Hashtag and keyword suggestions not free
No offline functionality
Limited payment methods
Absence of platform-specific optimization
Relies on user-specified target language
No document upload capability


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How does RewriteWise maximize the engagement and growth of my posts?
What are the various use cases of RewriteWise?
What pricing plans does RewriteWise offer?
How does the RewriteWise Telegram bot work?
What payment methods does RewriteWise accept?
Does RewriteWise provide support or assistance?
How does RewriteWise ensure the privacy and security of users' data?
How do I access the features of RewriteWise?
What benefits can I get from the Dynamo plan of RewriteWise?
Does RewriteWise offer multilingual support?
How can RewriteWise help with product localization?
Can RewriteWise assist in boosting personal branding?
What kind of customer support does RewriteWise offer?
What is included in the Influencer plan of RewriteWise?
Can I ask for a refund if I change my mind about my RewriteWise plan?

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