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Platform for creating social media posts.
Generated by ChatGPT

PrettySmart is an AI-powered platform for creating social media posts. It simplifies the process of creating attractive and engaging posts, with no need for a designer or copywriter.

The platform allows users to upload their brand collateral, including logos, fonts, and colors, and create posts with AI-generated copy. It also offers tons of templates, free stock photos, and a simple editor.

With PrettySmart, users can create hundreds of posts a day, with each post taking just a few minutes to create. The platform is also incredibly affordable, with monthly and yearly plans starting at just $36.

PrettySmart also offers 24/7 support and a 7 day free trial, so users can try out the platform before committing to it.


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Sep 15, 2023
Hi, how do we unsubscribe to this app??? Theres no info about it on their site either.
Jul 8, 2023
Don't seem to be working. I registered for trial. Didn't get past the onboarding section, having me wait 48 hours to create my brand templates with the uploads I made. Hoping to find the way to cancel the subscription before it charges me.
Jul 3, 2023
won't let you see the features of the service without signing in. bad marketing move.

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Pros and Cons


Creates posts quickly
Affordable plans
24/7 support
7 day free trial
Customizable with brand collateral
Generates copy automatically
Multiple template choices
Free stock photos
User-friendly editor
Highly scalable
Saves time
No need for designer or copywriter
Integrations with other platforms
Option to edit generated posts
Brand consistency across posts
Instant post generation
Easy to change brand elements
Multiple user tiers


No multi-platform support
No direct social media integration
Limited to one brand
112 posts limit for Pro
No advanced editing capabilities
Doesn't generate hashtags
No community-driven template sharing
Doesn't handle videos
No offline mode


What is PrettySmart?
How does the AI in PrettySmart work?
What type of content can PrettySmart create?
How does PrettySmart generate copy for my social media posts?
Are there any limitations on how many posts I can create in PrettySmart?
How can I customize my brand in PrettySmart?
What are the steps to create a post in PrettySmart?
Can PrettySmart support multiple users?
How affordable is PrettySmart?
What is the pricing of PrettySmart like?
Does PrettySmart offer a free trial?
What kind of support does PrettySmart offer?
Are there any available templates in PrettySmart?
What kind of editor does PrettySmart use?
How can I upload my brand resources to PrettySmart?
How is PrettySmart different from other social media content creation tools?
What to do if the AI generated copy is not accurate?
Does PrettySmart offer stock photos for use?
How fast can I generate posts with PrettySmart?
What are credits in PrettySmart?

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