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Social media writing and translation aid.
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GPT Commands is a Chrome extension powered by GPT-4 that aims to enhance online experiences by providing quicker and more precise responses. It is essential to enter an OpenAI API key to access its functionality.

The tool offers several modes that include Influencer, Writer, Translator, and Fix Grammar.In the Influencer mode, the tool claims to help users become notable Twitter influencers and increase engagement and impact on the platform.

The Writer Mode provides a way to delegate writing tasks to GPT-4 for generating the desired content, saving time and effort.Additionally, the Translator mode in GPT Commands transitions text between languages without issue, contributing to seamless global communication.

Finally, the Fix Grammar feature is claimed to detects and corrects grammatical errors, improving text clarity and ensuring polished communication.Overall, GPT Commands is suitable for individuals who want to boost their online presence and productivity, particularly in social media spaces such as Twitter.

However, its feature set remains untested so that its actual capabilities can vary.


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GPT Commands was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 31st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Influencer mode for Twitter
Writer Mode for content generation
Translator mode for multilingual communication
Fix Grammar feature
Improves text clarity
Promotes online presence
Boosts productivity
Supports multiple tool modes
Streamlines writing tasks
Assists in becoming notable influencer
Aims for quicker, accurate responses
Facilitates seamless global communication
Available for preorder
Enhances online experiences
Email notification on launch


Feature set untested
Chrome-only extension
Grammar-fix feature unverified
No API for integration
Unclear language translation quality
Limited to text-based tasks
Influencer mode functionality vague
$39 price tag
Lack of user reviews


What is GPT Commands?
How does GPT Commands work for social media posts?
How do I activate GPT Commands on my browser?
Why do I need to enter an OpenAI API key for GPT Commands?
What is the Influencer mode in GPT Commands?
How can GPT Commands help me become a notable Twitter influencer?
What does the Writer mode in GPT Commands do?
Can GPT Commands write content for me?
How can GPT Commands save me time with my writing tasks?
What languages does the Translator mode in GPT Commands support?
How does GPT Commands contribute to global communication?
What does Fix Grammar do in GPT Commands?
How does GPT Commands detect and correct grammatical errors?
Is GPT Commands suitable for all social media platforms?
What types of users are GPT Commands suitable for?
Can GPT Commands boost my online presence?
How much does GPT Commands cost and how can I buy it?
Why should I preorder GPT Commands?
What are the capabilities of GPT-4 used in GPT Commands?
If GPT Commands is untested, how reliable is it?

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