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Created social media content using ML.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered marketing tool for social media, designed to help businesses create engaging video and image content and get powerful content analysis.

It offers a variety of features and solutions, such as text-to-video generation, Reels, Shorts and Video Ads, Smart Copy Generation, Social Media Ad Copy, Text-to-Creatives Generator, Social Media Posts, E-Commerce Product Posts, Content Scheduler, Competitor Insights, and more. also provides free AI tools, pricing plans, and seamless integration with platforms. It provides AI-generated content recommendations that make social media marketing easy and efficient, allowing users to generate stunning social media posts in seconds.

With, users can generate carousels and social-ready posts from their own ideas, e-commerce products, or by asking to think of ideas.

It is used by customers in 30 countries, across 18+ languages, and is backed by 4.7/5 stars on Capterra and G2.


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Predis was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 26th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates social media content
Creates video and image content
Text-to-video generation
Smart copy generation
Text-to-Creatives Generator
E-Commerce product posts
Content scheduler feature
Competitor insights
Multi-platform integration
Variety of pricing plans
Generates carousels
Proposes post ideas
High user ratings
Supports 18+ languages
Offers solutions for creators, agencies, e-commerce
Generates various post types
2000+ template options
Built-in publisher for multiple platforms
Quick carousel generation
Handles seamless scheduling and publishing
High customer base
Ready-to-publish content generation
Generate content from user's ideas
Enables staying active on all platforms
Ad-copy generation
TikTok compatible
Easy and efficient operation
Quick content generation
Reels and Video ads generation
Shopify products to posts feature


Limited platform support
Recommendations are not human-reviewed
Limited language support
Lacks advanced analytics
No multi-account management
No information on data privacy
Preset templates restrict creativity
Limited number of free posts
No specified tool training


What is
How does work in social media marketing?
What features does offer?
Does provide content analysis?
Can generate text-to-video content?
Can generate social media posts for e-commerce products?
What is the Smart Copy Generation feature in
Can generate social media ad copies?
How does help with competitor insights?
Does offer any free AI tools?
How does integrate with other platforms?
Is available in multiple languages?
What is the customer satisfaction rating for
Can help generate ideas for social media posts?
Does offer scheduling for social media posts?
What type of content can generate?
Can create carousels for social media?
What social media platforms does support?
What is's pricing structure?
Are there any customer reviews available for

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