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Kwetzal App is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool designed for automated generation and scheduling of social media posts. The tool operates by receiving prompts about the content and background images from the user, then generating tailored and personalized social media posts accordingly.

It supports a diverse range of platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn among others. Users can customize their generated images with their preferred logo, font, and colors.

The tool also allows users to set a predefined time for posts, automate hashtags, and include the user's insignia on their posts. The posts generated by Kwetzal aim to enhance user engagement, boost follower numbers, and drive sales by maintaining an active social media presence.

Its operation involves a simple four-step process: register an account, write a prompt for the AI, generate the background photo, then finally connecting the user's social media account for automated posting.

Users can review the posts generated by the tool before they are posted, ensuring the content is tailored to their liking.


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Pros and Cons


Automated social media posting
Tailored and personalized posts
Supports diverse platforms
Customizable generated images
Post scheduling
Automated hashtags
Logo, font, color customization
User insignia inclusion
Enhanced user engagement
Increased follower growth
Drives sales
Maintains active presence
Simple four-step operation
Posts review before posting
Hour saving automation
Visual and text prompts
Free with no credit card
Compatible with Google Drive
Logo, font, color personalization
Instagram live demo
Supports major platforms
User-specific hashtags
Predefined posting time
Free plan availability
Premium plan available
100% money back guarantee
Automated growth on social media
Capable of promoting diverse trades
Captures more reach, likes, comments
Attracts more followers
Increases sales prospects
Freedom to generate new posts
Scheduler for planning posts
Supports businesses, agencies, freelancers
No hidden fees
Choice of 10 fonts
Library of over 100 fonts
Permission to post on social media
Affiliation product promotion
e-commerce shop promotion
Easy operational steps
Email notifications for generated posts
Aides community managers
Helps evade repetitive work
Provides career opportunities
24 hour reply time


Limited free plan
Forced branding on free plan
Limited font choices on free plan
Premium plan can get expensive
No credit card necessary for free plan
Platform-specific anomaly handling missing
No multi-language support
Inconsistent post frequency on free plan
Limited customization options
No explicit security measures mentioned


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Is there an option to add my logo to the posts?
Can I preset a time for Kwetzal to post on my social media?
Does Kwetzal App offer automated hashtag generation?
How does Kwetzal App aim to increase user engagement?
What is the post generation process with the Kwetzal App?
Can the posts generated by Kwetzal App help grow follower numbers?
How can Kwetzal App drive my sales?
Is there a feature to include my insignia in posts?
How to connect my social media account in Kwetzal for automated posting?
Is the Kwetzal App free to use?
Can I use Kwetzal App to publish posts on multiple platforms simultaneously?
What does the personalized social media posts by Kwetzal App entail?
Can I get a live demo of how Kwetzal App works?
What kind of content can I ask Kwetzal App to create?
How does Kwetzal App decide on the design of the social media post?

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