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Streamlines content and campaign marketing workflows.
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Assembly is an end-to-end platform designed to streamline marketing workflows. It offers features to help marketers plan, draft, collaborate, schedule, and analyze content and campaigns.

With Assembly, users can organize their marketing content and campaigns in one central location, eliminating the need for messy spreadsheets or scattered documents.

The platform provides visibility across various social media platforms, email, and other content channels.For drafting and collaboration, Assembly offers a Notion-like editing experience and allows users to preview how their posts will appear on social media channels, complete with character count and realistic previews.

Users can also collaborate seamlessly with their team using streamlined comments and approvals.The scheduling and posting feature enables automatic post scheduling to popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Discord.

Assembly supports various post types and functionalities, including Instagram Feed & Reels, Twitter threads, tagging on Twitter, and tagging businesses on LinkedIn.

Additionally, Assembly is expected to provide powerful analytics capabilities in the future, allowing users to track post and campaign performance, compare results across different post types and categories, and easily identify top-performing content.Assembly AI is an additional feature that allows users to convert blog posts, changelogs, or website content into LinkedIn or Twitter posts instantly.

Users can edit and schedule the AI-generated posts directly within Assembly.Assembly has garnered positive feedback from marketers, who appreciate its intuitive design, approval workflows, and calendar layout, which provide visibility across the entire marketing team and streamline productivity.


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Pros and Cons


Streamlines content marketing workflows
Unified platform for planning/collaboration
Notion-like editing experience
Auto-scheduling to popular platforms
Supports multiple social media platforms
Realistic preview of social media posts
Post scheduling and automatic posting
Supports Instagram Feed & Reels
Supports Twitter threads, tagging
Supports tagging businesses on LinkedIn
Supports multiple profiles per channel
Upcoming powerful analytics capabilities
Track post performance across channels
Result Comparison across post types
Top-performing content identification
Transform existing content into posts
End-to-end planning and scheduling
Neutralizes need for spreadsheets
Organized tracking with labels and status
Team collaboration via comments and approvals
Improved visibility across marketing team


Doesn't support Facebook
No video support
No native mobile app
Analytics feature still pending
Doesn't support scheduling to email
No multi-language support
No geotargeting for posts
No API for integration
Not Open Source


What is Assembly?
How can Assembly streamline my marketing workflow?
What are the key features of Assembly in regards to content and campaign management?
Does Assembly provide a unified platform for all marketing tasks?
What editing and collaboration features does Assembly provide?
Can I schedule posts directly on social media platforms using Assembly?
Does Assembly support different post types and functionalities on various social media platforms?
Can I preview my posts on Assembly before posting them?
Does Assembly offer any kind of analytics capabilities?
Can Assembly convert blogs into LinkedIn or Twitter posts?
How does Assembly AI work?
What has been the feedback from users on Assembly's design and its approval workflows?
How can Assembly enhance my productivity in a marketing team?
Can I get started with Assembly for free?
Does Assembly offer a free trial and do I need a credit card for it?
How can Assembly help social media managers?
Does Assembly assist in planning and ideating campaign strategies?
Can Assembly eliminate the need for multiple spreadsheets?
What is the functionality of Assembly's calendar layout?
Is Assembly beneficial for growth teams?

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