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Social media management with advanced content creation.
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Publer AI Assist is an AI-powered social media management tool that helps businesses, bloggers, influencers, and anyone who wants to streamline their social media management.

It does this by using advanced algorithms to generate unique and relevant content tailored to the user’s needs, complete text in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually, and generate responses to comments that are personalized and meaningful.

AI Assist also helps users draw attention with one unique link on Instagram bio, view, create, and organize upcoming social media posts, collaborate with other members to manage multiple brands, create and schedule new social media posts from any website, collect social media analytics and export PDF reports, create and preview social media posts in real-time, schedule up to 500 posts with CSV files or other bulk options, save time by recycling any top-performing content, and design from scratch and organize all visual content.


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Dec 17, 2023
Super easy to use. The paid plan is also not very exorbitant. Just the price of 2-3 starbucks visits per month. ;)

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Pros and Cons


Generates tailored content
Responds to comments
Offers unique Instagram link
Organizes upcoming posts
Collaborates for multiple brands
Schedules posts from websites
Exports analytics in PDF
Previews posts in real-time
Supports bulk scheduling
Recycles top-performing content
Designs visual content
Automates posts from RSS
Completes text instantly
Streamlines social media management
Optimized for brands, bloggers, influencers
Suited for various social media platforms
Supports multi-person collaboration
Repurposes high performing content


No multi-language support
No iOS, Android apps
Limited to 500 posts scheduling
No e-commerce integration
Reliance on third-party integration for photo-editing
No platform-specific targeting tools
Lacks competitive analysis feature
No direct Google Analytics support


What is Publer AI Assist?
Who can use Publer AI Assist?
How does Publer AI Assist generate new content?
What is the role of algorithms in Publer AI Assist?
How does Publer AI Assist complete text?
Can Publer AI Assist reply to comments in a personalized way?
What kind of analytics can Publer AI Assist provide?
Can Publer AI Assist generate high-quality images?
How does the 'Link in Bio' feature in Publer AI Assist work?
How can Publer AI Assist assist in scheduling social media posts?
What does the 'Browser Extension' feature in Publer AI Assist do?
What is the 'Bulk Scheduling' feature in Publer AI Assist?
Can Publer AI Assist recycle top-performing content?
How does the 'Calendar view' in Publer AI Assist help in organizing social media posts?
What is 'Recycling' feature in Publer AI?
Can I collaborate with other team members through Publer AI Assist?
How does Publer AI Generate the stunning Images?
What other platforms does Publer AI Assist integrate with?
What is the function of the 'AI Assist' feature in Publer AI?
How can Publer AI assist in replying to comments?

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