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FictionGPT is an AI-powered tool designed for creating fictional narratives. Harnessing the capabilities of Generative Pretrained Transformer models, FictionGPT assists users in creating bespoke, short-length fiction stories in English.

The tool stands out for its designed ability to grasp diverse genres and styles, adapting to the preferences specified by the user. Suitable for both amateur and professional writers, FictionGPT is aimed at simplifying the creative process by generating inspiring story prompts or drafting entire narratives based on a user-provided command or idea.

The tools intuitive interface, featuring a 'Command' function, allows for user-friendly and effective interaction with the AI model. Although the precise output length may be subject to user commands, the tool is primarily geared towards creating short, crisp pieces, making it especially beneficial for those looking to create succinct narratives or quick story sketches.

Though providing substantial automated assistance, FictionGPT does not diminish the role of human creativity, serving instead as a valuable collaborative tool that blends human inspiration with AI capabilities.

Data privacy is ensured in the tool's use, as indicated by its dedicated privacy policy. The tool is developed and maintained by Related Code.


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Feb 17, 2024
Was good while it lasted, loved the no prompt word limit and the stories were good and it stuck to the characters prompts well but gotta pay after like5 stories per acc? Oh well
Jan 18, 2024
Poor generic, no nsfw
Dec 18, 2023
Very generic generation.
Aug 13, 2023
Wont create NSFW
Jun 12, 2023
Forces you to login, no idea who is behind it and they charge $5 for 20 story generations. Considering the API costs for GPT4, which is not even a fraction of that costs and that they basically just provide a prompt as a service I would avoid them.
Apr 27, 2023
Was fine to use until they implemented a credits system you have to pay for. Not free? No thank you.

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Pros and Cons


Genre selection feature
Due date addition
Style option for creativity
User-friendly interface
Generative Pretrained Transformers
Story prompts generator
Collaborative writing aid
Output length flexibility
Promotes human creativity
Ensured data privacy
Dedicated privacy policy
Developed by Related Code
Adapts to user preferences
Suitable for all writers
Command function for interaction
Ideal for short narratives
Creates crisp story sketches
Supports English language
Short-length fiction specialization


Limited language support
Short output preference
Genre-dependant plot customization
No multi-user collaboration
Lacks story continuation feature
Fixed output lengths
No progressive learning feature
No offline usage
Limited to fictional stories
No specific character development assistance


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