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Automated mini-novel creation with user input.
Generated by ChatGPT

InstaNovel is an AI-powered tool that allows users to generate their own mini-novels with the click of a button. InstaNovel uses a combination of GPT-3 and Dall-E 2 technology to generate the contents of the book based on a user-provided prompt.

This technology allows users to quickly create stories without any writing experience. The stories can be rendered as a mini-website for users to read, and the tool will soon support printing hard copies of the stories.

The tool is currently limited to English, but support for other languages is planned for the future. InstaNovel is free to use, with a current waiting time of 47 hours for free users, or users can upgrade to the premium package to skip the waiting time and generate more books.


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Pros and Cons


Generates mini-novels from prompts
Uses GPT-3 and Dall-E 2 technology
Stories rendered as mini-website
Plans for physical hardcopies
Waiting time for free version
No-queue premium package available
Language support expansion plans
Doesn't require writing experience
Art style selection for books
Book delivery through email
Inspiration and learning tool
Potential for personalized gifts
Current support for English language
Fun and productivity tool
Max character limit for prompts
Features beautiful artwork
Book generation confirmation via email
Free first book
Waiting times disclosed upfront
Prompt examples provided
Question and help support
Transparent operation explanation
Suitable for language learners


Long waiting time
Limited to English
Requires email confirmation
No immediate print option
Premium for faster generation
Max 300 characters prompt
Limited visual styles
Relies on single user input
Hard copies coming soon
No multilingual support yet


What is InstaNovel?
How does InstaNovel work?
What AI technologies does InstaNovel use?
Can I use InstaNovel without any writing experience?
How are InstaNovel's stories rendered for reading?
Can I print the stories created by InstaNovel?
Which languages does InstaNovel support?
Is InstaNovel free to use?
Why do I have to wait 47 hours to use InstaNovel for free?
What benefits do I get if I upgrade to InstaNovel's premium package?
Can I generate multiple novels with InstaNovel?
What is the maximum character limit for a story prompt in InstaNovel?
How to choose an art-style for my mini-novel in InstaNovel?
How will I receive my generated mini-novel from InstaNovel?
Why do I need to confirm my email to get my story from InstaNovel?
Can I use InstaNovel to learn new languages?
What can InstaNovel be used for?
Why haven't I received my confirmation email from InstaNovel?
Are there any plans to add more features or functionalities to InstaNovel?
What is Dall-E 2 technology used in InstaNovel?

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