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Scene One is an online software for writing novels and books. It features a simple, intuitive text editor and manages all your writing scenes and projects.

The software works on various devices including desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone, allowing users to seamlessly switch between devices. It operates in a web browser, requiring no additional installation on your device.

All of your words are securely stored in the cloud, ensuring accessibility from anywhere. Scene One offers several book-writing tools, including a word counter for tracking progress and setting writing goals, and an AI Writing Assistant that helps users write faster and clearer.

In addition, it provides a custom wiki feature for world-building where users can create detailed profiles for their story characters, items, locations, and track every mention of these story elements.

Other important features include the option to compile and export manuscripts as PDF or DocX, story planning and revision management using the 'Save the Cat! Beat Sheet Manager' and the 'Revision Board' which helps users to keep track of their notes and reminders on entire manuscripts or individual scenes.

Scene One was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 7th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Works on any device
Compatible with any web browser
Specifically designed for writers
Secure cloud storage
Accessible from anywhere
Intuitive text editor
Word counter feature
Custom wiki creator
Save the Cat! Beat Sheet Manager
Revision Board for notes and reminders
Free and paid plans available
Free trial for two weeks
Increased word limit for paid plans
Multiple device usage
Work seamlessly across devices
No extra software installation required
Progress tracking tools
Goal setting tools
Detailed world-building capability
Manages writing scenes and projects
Compiles and exports manuscripts as PDF or DocX
Helps in planning stories
Integrated analytics for authors
Story development tool
Revision management
Cloud-saving for unlimited words
Supports shareable wiki's
Automatically tracks and tags story elements
Allows sharing projects with other users
Tool to develop plot structure
Cost-effective Lifetime plan
Generates innovative prose
Provides rewriting assistance
Expands stub paragraphs
Multiple monthly plan options
Dark mode and focus mode
Integrated stats tracking and analytics
Project and scene reminders


Free plan only two weeks
Limited features in free version
Unintuitive pricing structure
No simultaneous multi-device support
No offline mode
No source code access
Manuscripts exported as PDF only


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