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Generate a 20,000+ word book in just a few clicks.
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Inkflow is an AI-powered tool created to automate the process of generating books, offering a quick and efficient way to produce book-length content for self-publishing or other purposes.

As a tool primarily developed for non-fiction books, users can input their desired book title, select the number of chapters, and opt for their preferred language to initiate the content generation process.

The tool affords its users the flexibility of tailoring the book content to meet specific needs thanks to the availability of two different language models.

Once the content generation process is complete, Inkflow outputs the book as a .docx file, ready for review and editing. Inkflow's capabilities streamline the book creation process, enabling users to self-publish their book on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) or similar platforms in mere days rather than weeks or months.

The tool leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, ensuring fast and secure content generation, and storage. As it is a web-based solution, Inkflow can be used across various devices, enhancing its accessibility and user-friendliness.


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Mar 20, 2024
Good tool, i'm impressed of the quality of its result for such an early version. I'll be waiting on a newer version; as it is now, you can't give it a starting point, nor your own draft to analyze and continue writing on.

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Pros and Cons


Automates book generation
Quick book-length content production
Tailors content to needs
Two language models available
.docx output format
Streamlines self-publishing
Compatible Kindle Direct Publishing
Uses AWS infrastructure
Fast and secure generation
Accessible on multiple devices
Designed for non-fiction books
User selects chapter quantity
Choice of book language
Affordable yearly subscription
Produces 20,000+ words easily
Web-based solution
Generates content in days
Supports specific content tailoring
Supports various book languages
Saves output for editing
Prepares for immediate review
Multi-device access


Only for non-fiction books
Limited to two languages
Only .docx output
No PDF output option
Requires post-generation editing
No free version available
Doesn't provide outlining options
Not suitable for short content
No mention of SSL encryption
Dependent on AWS services


What is the maximum word limit for a book generated by Inkflow?
What are the available language options in Inkflow?
How does Inkflow ensure the security of the content generated?
Can Inkflow be accessed from multiple devices?
How does Inkflow streamline the process of generating book-length content?
What type of books does Inkflow mainly produce?
Does Inkflow provide an editable .docx file after generating a book?
Can users tailor the content of their book in Inkflow?
What are the two different language models offered by Inkflow?
How does Inkflow leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure?
Can Inkflow be utilized for self-publishing on platforms such as Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)?
How quick is the book generation process in Inkflow?
Does Inkflow support automatic assignment of chapter titles?
How does Inkflow automate the book creation process?
Can users input their desired book title and number of chapters in Inkflow?
In what ways does Inkflow enhance its accessibility and user-friendliness?
Is Inkflow a web-based solution?
Do I need to edit the book after it is generated by Inkflow?
Can I use Inkflow to generate AI books for any specific field?
Is the subscription to Inkflow limited to a year or can I subscribe for longer durations?

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