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Personalized book creation from user interests.
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Books by AI is a tool that allows users to generate personalized books written by artificial intelligence (AI) based on their interests. Users can provide a description of the book they want to read and choose the language they prefer.

The more detailed the description, the better the result will be. Once the book is generated, users can share it with others.The tool also offers a selection of suggested categories for users to explore, including environmental studies, financial independence, entrepreneurship, online business, and more.

These categories help users find books that align with their interests.In addition, Books by AI features a list of featured books, including titles such as "Building a Learning Organization," "The SEO Starter Kit," and "The Power of Organizational Excellence." Each book comes with hashtags that indicate its topic, such as #learning, #search-engine-optimization, and #organization.Overall, Books by AI provides a convenient and customized way for users to discover and enjoy books written by AI.

By leveraging AI technology, this tool allows users to explore a wide range of topics and find books that cater to their specific interests and preferences.


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