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Structured story ideation aid.
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Story Path is an AI-powered app that helps writers overcome writer's block and plan their stories. It takes a few basic details about a story and generates branching options for the plot.

Writers can then explore these paths and customize the details to their liking. It helps writers brainstorm ideas and structure them into a coherent narrative.

It also allows for the organization of Story Paths according to novel, movie, throughline, or any other way the writer desires. The app also features colour-coded paths and sequences, blank sequences for inspiration, and the ability to export a single path or pick and choose multiple sequences.

Story Path also comes with a companion app,, which helps writers write faster and clearer. It is a simple yet powerful book writing software for beginners and published authors alike that runs on all devices.


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Story Path was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates branching plot options
Customizable plot details
Assists in story ideation
Structures story into narrative
Offers organizational options
Features colour-coded paths
Blank sequences for inspiration
Exports single or multiple paths
Companion app for writing
Runs on all devices
Novel planning and structuring
Cures writer's block
Generates next steps
Condenses ideas into narrative
Generates multiple 'What if?' scenarios
Useful for genre-specific ideation
Allows genre and short description
Outlines entire story or sections
Creation of multiple Story Paths
Option for custom path organization
Options to minimize paths
Exports as PDF or Word Doc
Backtrack on paths anytime
Add personal inspirations
Cloud saving capabilities
Free first novel writing
Advanced note-taking capabilities
Simple and advanced text editor
Clean and clutter-free interface
Secure data handling


Lacks real-time collaboration
No language options
Limited export formats
No support for citations
No offline mode
Not open-source
Credits-based system
Dependant on companion app
No mobile app
No autosave feature


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