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Enhanced writing app for enjoyable story creation.
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Verb is a revolutionary AI-powered writing app designed to help novelists create stories with more pleasure and less pain. Using the latest in AI technology, Verb offers an interactive writing experience that is tailored to the specific needs of the author.

Verb can help you plan, write, and critique your work, giving you the tools to turn your ideas into words.Verb is also obsessively writer-led, meaning that the best editors are at your disposal to help you create the best possible story.

In addition, Verb is continually evolving, allowing storytellers from all over the world to shape the tool and make it even better.Verb also has a limited beta available for early access and a Discord community to join.

To help ensure the best possible experience, Verb uses cookies to ensure the proper operation of the website and to understand how you interact with it.

Verb also uses cookies to connect with you on other platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook.

Verb was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 13th 2023.
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Sep 21, 2023
too cumbersome to use
Sep 5, 2023
Yes. I really liked it. Great for writer's block.

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Pros and Cons


Designed for novelists
Interactive writing experience
Plan, write, and critique
Writer-led tool
Access to pro editors
Evolving tool
Limited beta access
Discord community
Cookie tracking
Multi-platform availability
Promotes enjoyable writing
Early access possibility
Community shaping tool
Detailed cookie policy
Social media connectivity
Tailored user experience
@verbforwriters Twitter handle
Performance and analytics cookies
Email contact available


Limited beta availability
Uses cookies extensively
Dependent on editor availability
No offline mode
Specifically for novelists
Heavy focus on community feedback
Requires account creation
Social media connectivity necessary
No mentioned support for screenwriting
Benefits from regular updates


What is Verb?
How does Verb's AI technology assist in writing?
What is the writer-led approach that Verb uses?
In what ways can Verb help me write?
What special features does Verb offer for novelists?
Can I get early access to Verb?
Does Verb have a community for user interaction?
What platforms does Verb use for user connectivity?
How does Verb use cookies?
Can I interact with Verb on social media?
What information does Verb collect through cookies?
How is the Verb tool evolving with user feedback?
Why is Verb described as obsessively writer-led?
How does Verb help me plan and critique my story?
How is Verb different from other writing apps?
What benefits will I get from using cookies with Verb?
Can I opt-out from Verb’s cookie policy?
Is Verb a tool suitable for all types of authors?
Can Verb connect with me on Reddit or Twitter if I give cookie consent?
Is there any video demonstration showing Verb in action?

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