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Create AI chatbots customized with your business data.
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FastBots is a tool for creating AI-powered chatbots specifically designed to be trained using your custom business data. The platform integrates AI technology akin to GPT, which allows for the creation of highly effective chatbot assistants that can answer questions about your business around the clock.

With FastBots, you can import data into your chatbot using different sources such as website content, DOCX, TXT, PDF files, or even YouTube videos in a secure and efficient manner.

The tool also provides customization options to match your brand, allowing you to personalize the chatbots welcome message, icon, and color scheme. Once set up, the tool provides a link that can be embedded into your website, turning it into a platform for customer support or internal use.

FastBots also offers features for analytics, enabling users to review and analyze every interaction with their chatbot. The tool emphasizes ease of use, security, reliability, and innovation, making it a suitable option for individuals and businesses who want to leverage AI for productivity improvement.


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Pros and Cons


Custom business data training
GPT-enabled chatbots
24/7 customer engagement
Supports various data sources
Web content import
DOCX, TXT, PDF support
YouTube video data integration
Customizable chatbot appearance
Embeddable website link
Analytics features
User interaction review
Productivity improvement focus
Suitable for individuals/businesses
Brand-matching customization
Continuous learning capabilities
Instant setup
Transparent chat history
Zero coding required
Chatbot color customization
Welcome message customization
Easy-to-use setup process
Secure data import
Reliable performance
Innovative features
Free start with no credit card
Internal use readiness


No mobile app
No voice enabled integration
Lacks sentiment analysis feature
No offline capabilities


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What features does FastBots offer for analyzing customer interactions?
How can I integrate FastBots into my website?
Is there any coding required to setup FastBots?
How does FastBots enhance productivity improvements?
Is FastBots suitable for individual use as well as for businesses?
Can I train FastBots with my custom business data?
What types of files can be used to import data into FastBots?
Is FastBots secure and reliable?
Does FastBots provide the feature of continuous learning?
How to customize the welcome message of the FastBots chatbot?
Does FastBots provide a link of the chatbot to be embedded into the website?
How effective are FastBots in answering business related questions?
How can YouTube videos be used to import data into FastBots?
Does FastBots store chat history of each and every conversation?

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