Habit formation 2023-10-17
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Your friendly coach for habit-building with science and stories.
GPT welcome message: Let's build amazing habits together in a fun and easy way!
Sample prompts:
I need a habit tip, can you help?
Show my habit progress in a fun way.
Tell me something cool about habits.
Challenge me with a fun habit task today.
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Habit Hero is a Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) designed to act as a supportive companion in habit-forming endeavors. The function of this tool is to provide advice, tips, and track progress in a user-friendly and enjoyable manner by employing narratives and scientific facts.

The core concept of Habit Hero revolves around assisting users with cultivating positive habits while also making the process informative and engaging.

While using the tool, users can request habit tips, inquire about their habit formation progress, learn fascinating facts about habits, or tackle fun habit tasks each day.

Following these prompts, users can expect Habit Hero to generate insightful responses that are designed to motivate and educate. This GPT is integrated into the ChatGPT platform; therefore, to use Habit Hero, users are required to have access to ChatGPT Plus.

Remember that Habit Hero is more than just a habit trackerit is a convenient and efficient tool meant to catalyze the process of adopting serveral constructive habits, offering practical advice anchored in scientific knowledge.


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