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Online form and survey creator. website
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Generated by ChatGPT is an online form builder that allows users to create web forms, surveys, and quizzes quickly and easily. It offers a range of solutions, including a form builder, survey maker, quiz maker, AI form generator, store builder, and WordPress plugin.

The tool provides a variety of templates for different purposes, such as job application forms, rental application forms, hotel accommodation forms, and more.

It also offers integrations with popular platforms like Slack, HubSpot CRM, Google Sheets, Trello, Google Analytics, WhatsApp, Microsoft Excel, WordPress, Notion, and Airtable.With, users can create customized and visually appealing forms that match their brand image.

The tool allows for easy sharing of forms through unique weblinks or embedding them on landing pages. Users can adjust the privacy settings of their forms to target specific audiences and control who can view the form.The collected data can be reviewed in different formats, including spreadsheet format or email inbox format.

Users can also access advanced analytics to gain valuable insights from the data. has received recognition as a top-notch form builder and survey maker software by leading software organizations.Reviews from users highlight the ease of use, lightning-speed editing, and delightful user experience of the tool.

Users appreciate the accessible nature of the website, which doesn't require any technical expertise to create and fill out forms. Overall, is a modern solution for creating forms, surveys, and quizzes that can streamline workflows and enhance user engagement.


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Pros and Cons


Online form builder
Survey maker
Quiz maker
Store builder
WordPress plugin
Broad template range
Integrations with popular platforms
Customizable forms
Easy sharing options
Adjustable privacy settings
Multiple data reviewing formats
Advanced analytics
Lightning-speed editing
No technical expertise needed
+25 form field types
Conditional logic
Accepts payments
Automate workflows
Mobile friendly
+500 app integrations
Free version available
Ease of editing
Multiple languages support
Sleek user interface
Integrated statistics


No offline access
UI customization limitations
Lacks advanced management tools
Missing collaboration features
No direct email notifications
Limited templates
Hidden security features
Lack of customer support
Storage limitations
Limited app integrations


What is
What features does offer for form creation?
Does have pre-existing templates? If so, what types?
How can users share forms created on
How does protect the data collected through its forms?
What options does provide for data review?
Can integrate with other platforms?
What kind of user interface does have?
What is's AI form generator?
Is compatible with WordPress sites?
Can payment collection be facilitated through
How do privacy settings work on
How fast can I design forms on
What customization options are available on
Can forms be embedded on landing pages?
How is data visualized in's analytics section?
What kind of forms can I create with
How can increase my engagement level with users?
Can I use for free?
What is the benefit of upgrading to's yearly plans?

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