Video shortening 29 Aug 2023
Spikes Studio
Generated clips for popular social media platforms.

Generated by ChatGPT

Spikes Studio is an AI clip generator designed specifically for YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and Instagram Reels. It enables users to transform long-form content into viral clips, helping them grow their social media influence.

The tool features a powerful AI editor with auto-captions and other functionalities to streamline the process.Spikes Studio boasts cutting-edge technology that can process up to 24-hour long videos without any limitations.

The AI continually improves its performance and services by learning from user interactions, making it more than just a basic algorithm. It personalizes its services based on the unique needs of each user.Users can conveniently download their clips directly to their phones using QR codes or share them to various platforms such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Email, Facebook, or Telegram.

The tool ensures that the quality of the highlights remains intact, providing the best viewing experience.Spikes Studio offers round-the-clock support through Discord, providing assistance to users whenever needed.

It also features an advanced video editor for precise editing and a functionality preview for a preview of the final result.Additionally, Spikes Studio has plans to introduce automatic hashtags and descriptions in the near future, enhancing discoverability and engagement.It is worth noting that Spikes Studio is not mentioned to be free in the text, so it is best to avoid making any assumptions about its pricing model.

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Jordan Bar
· Sep 28, 2023
Time saver of a product for all that want to create viral content in seconds! Love it!
Ran Glattstein
· Sep 28, 2023
Amazing product. The highlights quality is a absolutely amazing 😍
Gal Yoffi
· Sep 28, 2023
Best Highlights generator out there.
Assaf Gorovici
· Sep 28, 2023
Easy to use with tons of useful features. It automatically clips the best parts of my videos, which saved me a ton of time on editing!
Gadi Berqowitz
· Sep 5, 2023
A truly an amazing tool for content creation and editing
Jordan Bar
· Sep 5, 2023
A must have for all content creators looking to ease their work and save loads of time. Clips the best moments and auto-captions does a brilliant job.
Ron Korny
· Sep 5, 2023
Let's go! A lot of work done for a great tool!
Bernardo Gancho
· Sep 5, 2023
What a great website, you should definitely check it out!!
Naira D.
· Aug 30, 2023
Very cool tool, I like it very much...

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Pros and Cons


Generates clips for social platforms
Specifically designed for YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram Reels
Transforms long-form content into clips
Features auto-captions
Can process 24-hour long videos
Personalization capabilities
Download clips via QR codes
Sharing to multiple platforms
Maintains original video quality
24/7 support on Discord
Advanced video editor
Functionality preview available
Planned feature: automatic hashtags and descriptions


Limited to specific platforms
No offline version
Requires enabled JavaScript
Supports only on Discord
No free trial mentioned
Automatic features pending
No clarity on watermarks
Potential quality loss in transformation
Reliant on QR code download


What is Spikes Studio?
How does Spikes Studio transform long-form content into viral clips?
What social media platforms does Spikes Studio support?
What unique features does the AI editor of Spikes Studio offer?
How does Spikes Studio handle long videos?
How does Spikes Studio personalize its services for individual users?
How can I download clips from Spikes Studio to my phone?
What platforms can I share my Spikes Studio clips to?
What kind of support does Spikes Studio offer to its users?
What can I expect from the advanced video editor feature of Spikes Studio?
What is the 'functionality preview' feature in Spikes Studio?
Are there any future features planned for Spikes Studio?
How does Spikes Studio ensure the quality of the video remains intact?
What does Spikes Studio mean by 'Our AI improves with every use'?
How does Spikes Studio's AI learn from user interactions?
Does Spikes Studio support direct uploads from streams?
Does Spikes Studio offer automatic caption generation?
What kind of content is best suited for Spikes Studio?
Will Spikes Studio introduce automatic hashtags and descriptions in the future?
Is there a limitation on the length of video that Spikes Studio can process?

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