Lyrical videos 2023-05-02
Generated short videos using user audio/text input.
Generated by ChatGPT

LuDe (BETA) is an AI powered video creator tool that requires the user to provide either an audio file or a text. Once the audio file is uploaded, it gets trimmed to 30 seconds if it exceeds the maximum allowed size of 64MB.

The user can also edit the script to their desired content. LuDe offers users a variety of video background options such as nature, city, waves, and paper to name a few.

After the user has selected the desired background option, they can then choose to "Luminate" the video. This process involves the AI engine to generate visuals based on the audio or text script.

LuDe is primarily designed for creating short-form videos such as YouTube shorts or Instagram reels with minimal effort. The tool aims to provide high-quality and visually appealing video output.

LuDe is currently in the beta phase, and the website indicates that users may occasionally encounter bugs or glitches. The tool is available on and includes a demo video to assist users.

Overall, LuDe can be a useful tool for individuals who want to create high-quality short-form videos using an AI-powered video creation tool.


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LuDe was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates short videos
Uses user audio/text input
Allows audio file upload
Trims audio to 30 seconds
Script editing feature
Variety of video backgrounds
Designed for short-form videos
High-quality video output
Website includes demo
Beta version available
Accessible via web
Aims for minimal user effort
Supports various audio formats
Downloadable video output


Limited to 30sec videos
Audio file size restrictions
Limited background options
No custom backgrounds
BETA stage bugs
Website mandatory JavaScript
No API provided
Online tool only
No app version
No multi-track editing


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Can LuDe generate videos using text input?
What types of videos is LuDe primarily designed for?
Can LuDe be used to create Instagram reels or YouTube shorts?
What is the quality of the output video in LuDe?
Is LuDe currently under beta testing?
Why may I encounter bugs or glitches on LuDe?
How can I address issues or glitches while using LuDe?
What is the process to generate a video on LuDe?
How can I select background options on LuDe?
What does 'LuDe' stand for?
Where can I access LuDe?
Is there any guide or demo video available for using LuDe?


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