Video scripts 07 Mar 2023
Video script generator for social media marketing.

Generated by ChatGPT

Syllaby is an AI-driven video script generator designed to help users create an effective content strategy for social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

It helps users find topics relevant to their industry and generates video scripts based on these topics that are likely to make the videos go viral. Syllaby also has a content calendar to keep users accountable for consistent posting, which can be challenging in content marketing.The tool is ideal for service-based businesses, marketers, social media managers, doctors, and lawyers who want to save time and cost on hiring expensive agencies for content creation.Syllaby's algorithm can discover and explore the top questions and search prompts that customers are looking for online.

By knowing what clients are searching for, users can create videos to convert more viewers into leads. The tool has simple, transparent pricing with a free plan, and a paid plan with unlimited topic searches, video scripts, and blog articles, and content calendar features.

Syllaby has a seven-day trial period and a cancel-anytime option.Overall, Syllaby is an AI-driven solution that can help businesses strategize and optimize their video content on social media platforms based on research and result-driven insights.


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