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Scrip AI is an AI-powered tool aimed at helping users write viral video scripts for Instagram Reel, TikTok, and Youtube shorts. It claims to be 10X faster and better than traditional methods of scriptwriting, allowing users to create 30-60 second scripts in as little as one minute.

The tool is available for free and does not require any credit card or login details. Scrip AI is designed to be user-friendly and loved by creators and product hunters alike.

The tool's creator, Sagar Jaid, has a LinkedIn profile showcasing his expertise in software engineering and AI development. The tool's primary functionality is to assist in facilitating the creation of short video scripts with a focus on virality.

In summary, Scrip AI is a useful tool for content creators looking to generate viral video content in a short amount of time. The tool streamlines the scripting process, which can be a time-intensive task, and allows creators to focus on the creative side of their content creation process.


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Scrip AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


10X faster scriptwriting
Free to use
No credit card required
No login required
User-friendly design
Proven expertise of creator
Short video script focus
Boosts content virality
Facilitates creative process
Loved by creators
No sign-up hassle
Linkedin verification of developer
Targeted for TikTok, Reels, YT shorts
Rapid 30-60 second scripts
Built-in scriptwriting optimization
Optimized for short video platforms
Product hunters endorsement
Streamlines scripting process
Aid for content creators
One minute script creation
Featured on Product Hunt
Developed by software engineer
No personal data required


Limited to short scripts
Possibly too viral-focused
No login possibly insecure
Limited platform applicability
No paid premium options
No credit card, no commitment
Only English language
Creator-centric only
No long-form script support
No indication of script quality


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Can I use Scrip AI to write scripts for Youtube Shorts?
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Does Scrip AI require any credit card details?
What expertise does the creator of Scrip AI have?
How is Scrip AI contributing to the content creation process?
Can I test Scrip AI for free before committing?
Is Scrip AI recommended by product hunters?
Does Scrip AI specialize in particular social media platforms?
What is the main functionality of Scrip AI?
Can Scrip AI help me in saving time in the scripting process?

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