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These Lyrics Do Not Exist is an AI songwriting tool that generates completely original lyrics for various topics. It uses state-of-the-art AI to create an original chorus and individual verses.

The user can choose a topic, genre, and mood, and then press the “Generate My Lyrics” button. The website supports a wide range of topics, from love and party to human names and even emojis.

It also has a feature that allows users to regenerate lyrics if they don’t like the first set. The AI songwriting tool has been featured in a variety of media outlets and has received positive feedback from users.

It can be used to generate inspiration for writing songs, make people laugh, or even create a full song.

AI Lyrics Generator was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 24th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates original lyrics
Supports wide range of topics
Regenerate lyrics feature
User choice of topic
User choice of genre
User choice of mood
Positive user feedback
Generates a full song
Ability to generate inspiration
Creates distinct lyrical styles
Generates song by emoji
Choice of lyric structure
Constantly improved
Large neural network
Understands 10,000 different terms
Can produce rap lyrics
Can produce rock lyrics
Can produce pop lyrics
Can produce EDM lyrics
Can produce country lyrics
Can produce metal lyrics
Produces better lyrics than human
Improves songwriting productivity


Limited genre selection
No multilingual support
No rhyme scheme selection
No mobile app
No collaborative features
Not open source
No customization for structure
No offline mode
Presence of irrelevant words


What is 'These Lyrics Do Not Exist'?
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How do I regenerate lyrics if I don’t like the first set in 'These Lyrics Do Not Exist'?
Can 'These Lyrics Do Not Exist' be used to create a full song?
Are the lyrics generated by 'These Lyrics Do Not Exist' completely original?
Does 'These Lyrics Do Not Exist' support specific topics like human names for generating lyrics?
Can I choose the mood for my lyrics on 'These Lyrics Do Not Exist'?
What do people say about 'These Lyrics Do Not Exist'?
Can 'These Lyrics Do Not Exist' be used to overcome writer's block?
Does 'These Lyrics Do Not Exist' provide songwriting inspiration?
How often is 'These Lyrics Do Not Exist' updated?
How has 'These Lyrics Do Not Exist' improved over its different versions?
How do I submit my feedback about 'These Lyrics Do Not Exist'?
Is 'These Lyrics Do Not Exist' capable of generating multiple song structures?
What is the 'Generate My Lyrics' button in 'These Lyrics Do Not Exist'?
Why was 'These Lyrics Do Not Exist' created?
Where can I sign up for updates from 'These Lyrics Do Not Exist'?

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