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Staccato is an AI MIDI music & AI lyrics generator that helps musicians, DJs, rappers and lyricists overcome writer’s block, learn new ways to compose, or get inspired. It provides AI-powered tools for MIDI music composition, lyrics writing, and digital audio workstation (DAW) integration.

For music composition, users can play a melody, riff, or upload a MIDI file directly into Staccato’s MIDI editor, and the MIDI AI generator (the AI Instrument TM) will create the next part of the song in the same key, style, and mood.

For lyrics, users can provide lyrics, keywords or a mood and Staccato’s AI lyrics generator will create new lyrics in seconds.

Staccato’s AI MIDI maker and AI lyric generator work with any genre, including rap, pop, country, hip hop, EDM, gospel, soul, blues, jazz, and classical music.

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Oct 15, 2023
can't really use the app once without payment, was really disappointed with that. I was excited to use the app, too.
Oct 2, 2023
Honestly a super unique tool. More of a focus on musicians than the other AI music tools on here
Aug 5, 2023
From what I can see this is the only functional AI MIDI generator out there - very cool. As a songwriter, I also find their lyrics tool to be the most intuitive of any that I've come across.
May 26, 2023
also i gave this app 1 star but its showing up as 2.
May 26, 2023
cant try anything without paying, theres no examples of what its even capable of, the sites UI is confusing, and there is no way to contact support. I would give it zero stars if i could.

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Pros and Cons


Generates music and lyrics
Overcomes writer's block
Teaches new composition techniques
Upload MIDI for composition
Change parameters for generation
Generates music in same key
DAW Integration
Lyrics based on keywords/mood
Suggests music based on style
Offers three-month free trial
Discounts through participation
Real-time lyric suggestions
Generates instant rhymes
Exports work from Finale/Sibelius
Track copy-paste functionality
Helps maintain creative flow


Requires uploading MIDI files
Depends heavily on user-defined parameters
Lack of personalized user feedback
No mention of offline usage
Possibly limited genre support
No API for application integration
Potentially limited DAW compatibility
Discounts require user comments
No detail about text-to-speech technology


What is Staccato?
How does Staccato generate music?
How does Staccato generate lyrics?
Can Staccato integrate with my Digital Audio Workstation?
What are the parameters I can change in Staccato?
How can I upload MIDI files to Staccato?
What do I need to provide for Staccato to generate lyrics?
What is the trial period for Staccato's premium features?
Does Staccato offer promotional discounts?
How often do promotional winners for Staccato get announced?
How does Staccato determine the style, genre, and flavor of my song?
Where can I listen to music created using Staccato AI?
Can Staccato suggest lyrics in real-time?
Does Staccato provide learning resources for its operation?
Can I subscribe to get updates about Staccato?
Is there a way to overcome writer's block with Staccato?
How does Staccato adapt to my composition process?
What platforms is Staccato compatible with?
Is it possible to see music creation suggestions on Staccato?
Can Staccato rewrite existing lyrics?


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