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Linkquire is an AI-based tool designed to provide fulfilling summaries and extract key insights from YouTube videos.

Additionally, the tool enhances user interaction by providing an option to ask specific questions about the video content, to which the AI responds directly from the video, thereby enriching the user experience and ensuring the accurate retrieval of information.

This service works by allowing users to paste a YouTube link into the system, the AI then provides a summary of the main points and key ideas in the video content without the need for the user to watch the video. This helps users gain a comprehensive understanding of the video content instantly.

The service works with videos of any length and supports all languages, although summaries and insights are presently available only in English.

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Apr 20, 2024
Does not work.
Apr 21, 2024
Noticed that you tried to process a video while we were restarting our servers and that you were able to summarize videos afterwards

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Linkquire was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 17th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


YouTube video analyzer
Summarizes key video content
Interactive question-answering feature
Supports all languages
Offers insights in English
Brief processing time
Works with any video length
Credit-based system
Dependent on subscription type
Comprehensive user understanding
Enhances user interaction
Accuracy in information retrieval
Time saving tool
Multilingual video support
Various subscription options
Flexible video addition
Gives key insights
Offers video comprehension
Increases user engagement
Reduces need for watching
Single link entry
Instant key concepts extraction
Allows specific inquiries
Instant answer provision
Works on lectures
Works on podcasts
Works on talks
Video to text conversion
Affordable pricing plans
Educational technology application
Useful for time management
Simplifies content comprehension
User-friendly interface
Credit-based chat services
Instant video summarization
Offers main ideas extraction
Summaries with key insights


Credit-based system
Summaries only in English
Subscription dependent
Inaccurate multilingual support
Variable video processing time
Limitation on chat questions
Non-transparent 'technical limitations'
Manual Youtube link input required


What is Linkquire?
How does Linkquire work?
Can Linkquire analyze videos of any length?
In what languages does Linkquire support?
Does Linkquire only provide summaries and insights in English?
How long does Linkquire take to process a video?
How does the credit system in Linkquire work?
What happens when I run out of credits on Linkquire?
Can I ask specific questions about the video content on Linkquire?
How does Linkquire enhance user interaction?
What types of YouTube videos can Linkquire summarize?
How does Linkquire help me save time?
Does using Linkquire require a subscription?
What benefits do I get with the Core Plan subscription of Linkquire?
What advantages are there with the Premium Plan subscription of Linkquire?
Are there any limitations on the length of videos Linkquire can process?
Can I upload non-English videos for analysis on Linkquire?
Does Linkquire process different types of videos at different speeds?
Is there a limit on how many videos I can summarize on the Premium Plan of Linkquire?
Is there a free trial for Linkquire?


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