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Summarize YouTube videos and their comments with AI.
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Video Mood is an AI-based tool specifically designed to summarize YouTube videos and perform sentiment analysis on the videos' comments. This serves to save users' time by presenting a condensed version of both the video content and its feedback, allowing for quicker consumption and understanding of the material.

The utility of the tool stretches to digesting lengthy content and facilitating better informed decision-making on whether to invest time in viewing the full video or not.

Additionally, the sentiment analysis feature evaluates the comments' mood, offering an even deeper insight into the viewers' reception and reaction to the video.

To use Video Mood, users can utilize their Open AI or Open Router API keys and simply paste the YouTube link or video ID into the tool which then generates the summary and comment sentiment analysis.

These results can be easily shared with friends and colleagues. This tool, using powerful AI, assists users in navigating YouTube content more seamlessly and productivesly.


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Video Mood was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 21st 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Summarizes YouTube videos
Performs sentiment analysis
Saves user time
Digests lengthy content
Facilitates decision-making
Evaluates comments' mood
Uses Open Router API
Easy sharing of results
Viewer reaction analysis
Generates summaries from link
Generates summaries from ID
Analyzes YouTube comments
Cost efficient (cents per video)
Friendly with long videos
Video consumption time management
Improved YouTube navigation


Limited to YouTube videos
May miss subtle sentiment nuances
Relies on quality of comments
Potential language comprehension limitations
No offline functionality
Potential high cost for long videos
Impact of biased or spam comments
Can only summarize and analyze one video at a time


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How do I input a YouTube video into Video Mood for analysis?
Can I share the analysis results of Video Mood with others?
How does Video Mood contribute to better time management and content consumption?
Can Video Mood analyze any YouTube video?
Is there a limit to the length of the YouTube video that Video Mood can summarize?
How accurate is Video Mood's AI-based sentiment analysis?
What does Video Mood provide besides video summarization and sentiment analysis?
Can I use Video Mood to help in decision-making about investing time in a full video?
How does Video Mood help me understand viewer reaction to a video?
How long does it take for Video Mood to provide a video summary and analysis?
Do I need to install anything to use Video Mood?
Is Video Mood compatible with all devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones)?
How much does it cost to analyze a video with Video Mood using my API key?
Can I see the testimonial or feedback of Video Mood users?


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