YouTube summaries 2022-12-30
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Key insights from Youtube videos.
Generated by ChatGPT
Extract insights from YouTube videos in 10 seconds.

*Why use it*
⚑ Save time on long videos
βœ… Determine if the video is worth watching
🧭 Quickly navigate through the video
πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ Sort out your "watch later" backlog

*Key features*
β€’ Summarize videos
β€’ Extract insights (best for educational videos, podcasts, and interviews)
β€’ Average time to summarize: 7.4 seconds

*Technical info*
πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Chrome and Safari extensions
πŸ€– Powered by ChatGPT
Eightify was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 14th 2023.
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User Profile PictureSandra Grauschopf
Β· Oct 26, 2023
It's really crappy to install an extension, then get hit with a paywall. Immediately uninstalled. This should be clear ahead of time, and hiding the payment until after installation means the company is untrustworthy.
User Profile PictureSanju Nagar
Β· Sep 30, 2023
User Profile PicturePIYUSH JADHAV
Β· Sep 30, 2023
User Profile PictureRobertas Kurakovas
Β· Sep 29, 2023
insights are awesome!
User Profile PictureEdwin Jaspers
Β· Sep 19, 2023
it requires a monthly subscription. not mentioned on their website or when you download the app
User Profile PictureMelvin D'Cruz
Β· Sep 13, 2023
If video exceeds 30 minutes, it asks for a free trail requiring a credit card.
User Profile PictureRaihan Sarkar
Β· Aug 21, 2023
<!-- Try featured2.png...featured6.png to find the best style. --><a href="" target="_blank"><img width="300" src=""></a>
User Profile PictureSyryna Galloway-Shields
Β· Jul 28, 2023
Leaving 3 stars because of its limited browser support. Regardless, this is a GREAT product! There is potential here =) Willing to give a second review of 5 stars once this extension is available to use with browsers such as Opera, Brave, Firefox, ect. Personally, I use FF, although, I have Chrome downloaded on all my devices. Thanks again for this awesome tool.

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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Summarizes YouTube videos
Saves users time
Supports multiple languages
Easy to install
Accessible through Chrome Web Store
Free to use
Backed by privacy policy
Allows faster decision making
Facilitates learning in less time
Helps overcome language barriers
Helps find solutions faster
Provides early access
Facilitates access to key points
Quick information extraction


Only for Chrome
Only for YouTube videos
Requires internet connection
Dependent on video content
Potential language translation errors
Lack of offline functionality
Limited to video format
Might miss subtle points
Dependency on extension updates
Privacy concerns with browsing data


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What information is included in Eightify AI ChatGPT's summaries?
How secure is Eightify AI ChatGPT?
Does Eightify AI ChatGPT have a privacy policy?
What can Eightify AI ChatGPT tell me about a YouTube video without me having to watch it?
Can Eightify AI ChatGPT help me understand videos in a foreign language?
Where can I find the Eightify AI ChatGPT extension in the Chrome Web Store?
How do I use the Eightify AI ChatGPT after it’s installed?
Can Eightify AI ChatGPT help me make decisions faster?
Does Eightify AI ChatGPT support the summarization of any YouTube video?
Do I need to provide any personal information to use Eightify AI ChatGPT?
What are the main features of Eightify AI ChatGPT?
Can I use Eightify AI ChatGPT on other browsers or just on Chrome?
How easy is it to install and use Eightify AI ChatGPT?


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