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Chat about YouTube videos with a chatbot.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Share a YouTube URL to begin our discussion.
Sample prompts:
다음 유튜브를 요약해 줄래?
Can you summarize the video?
유튜브에서 이 부분을 찾아줄래?
Can you find this in the video?
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YouTube Genius is a GPT that makes use of advanced AI to understand and summarize YouTube content from a user-provided URL. This tool is built to interact with ChatGPT, a conversational AI.

With the aim of enhancing user's experience and understanding of YouTube videos, this GPT does a remarkable job in processing requests about specific online content.Users can start a conversation by sharing a YouTube video URL.

The primary function of this innovative software revolves around providing a textual summary about the video content, reducing the time users may need to spend watching longer videos.

Moreover, it also allows users to search for specific segments within the video, improving their ability to find relevant information quickly and efficiently.The automated responses of YouTube Genius are designed to be detailed and informative, making it a helpful tool for those who often engage with YouTube content.

The GPT can respond to both English and Korean inquiries, extending its functionality to a broader user base. A requirement for this GPT is having access to ChatGPT Plus, implying that this GPT acts as an additional feature to the ChatGPT suite.To sum up, YouTube Genius is an insightful GPT, designed to streamline the process of summarizing and finding specific details within YouTube videos.

It is a user-friendly tool, aiming to enrich the way people engage with online video content.


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YouTube Genius was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 21st 2023.
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