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Maximize your learning on YouTube with timestamped notes and AI summaries.
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ZippyNotes is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance and streamline your learning and note-taking process on YouTube. It allows users to take timestamped notes directly while watching videos.

This is made possible through a seamless integration with a Chrome Extension, which allows users to annotate specific moments in a video and store the notes in their account.

ZippyNotes can generate summarized notes automatically for educational videos, saving users from the task of manual transcription. The primary use cases include facilitating online education by enabling students to effectively track important information and revisit key concepts.

Additionally, the tool caters to video-based research, assisting in streamlining processes and finding relevant information more efficiently. This tool also extends to video-based entertainment, allowing users to record their thoughts or notable moments from entertainments videos, music videos or podcasts.

Easy to navigate and effective, ZippyNotes provides an intuitive method for taking and organizing notes associated with YouTube videos.


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ZippyNotes was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Works on YouTube
Timestamped note-taking
Chrome extension integration
Auto-generation of summarized notes
Improves online education efficiency
Suitable for video-based research
Can be used for entertainment
Ease of navigation
Organizes YouTube viewing notes
Reduces manual transcription
Allows video annotation
Tracks important information
Helps revisit key concepts
Relevant information streamline
Video content note-taking
Enhances video-based entertainment
Content organization


Exclusive to Chrome
Only Works on YouTube
Reliant on Internet Connection
Privacy Concerns
Lack of multi-platform availability
Limited video formats supported
No mobile application
Machine Learning Bias
No offline functionality


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What are the primary use cases of ZippyNotes?
Is ZippyNotes easy to navigate?
How does ZippyNotes enhance my learning experience?
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Is ZippyNotes an AI-powered tool?
Does ZippyNotes enable me to revisit key concepts more efficiently?
How can I maximize my learning on YouTube using ZippyNotes?


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