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Harness the power of AI to get custom notes and summaries from YouTube courses.
Generated by ChatGPT

AlphaNotes is a ChatGPT plugin designed to generate summaries, notes, and study aids from YouTube videos and websites. Leveraging the capabilities of ChatGPT, AlphaNotes provides customized notes and summaries from YouTube courses, and can also condense articles into more manageable study material.

User interaction with the plugin includes asking it to summarize a video, which yields a structured summary; requesting the creation of study notes, which includes key points, definitions, study suggestions and quizzes; and getting raw transcripts of the videos for further personal management.

Further utility is found in the feature that allows users to export the content generated by ChatGPT in PDF format. Future enhancements suggest the capability to search for videos and articles directly from ChatGPT.

As a verified plugin, users can easily install it from the plugin store, select it from the plugins list and engage with it to obtain insightful, AI-generated study aids.


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AlphaNotes was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates summaries from videos
Creates study aids
Exports content in PDF
Structured video summaries
Creation of study notes
Provides raw video transcripts
Future search functionality
Easy installation from plugin store
Aids in knowledge management
Condenses articles into study material
Creates quizzes for studying
Structured notes include key points
Includes definitions in notes
Generates notes from YouTube courses
Transforms YouTube courses into text
Engages users for study aids
Customizes notes and summaries
Offers potential course-search tool
Summarize and take notes feature
Possibility to manage transcripts personally
Interactive user engagement
A tool for eLearning
Supports educational content management


Depends on ChatGPT
No article search capability
Only exports in PDF
Only transcripts YouTube Videos
No notifications on progress
No real-time summarization
No integration with note apps
Limited to YouTube and Websites
No multi-language support


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Can I get raw transcripts of videos through AlphaNotes?
Does AlphaNotes have a feature for content export?
Onto what formats can I export the content generated by AlphaNotes?
Is there a feature to search for videos and articles on AlphaNotes?
How can I install AlphaNotes from the plugins store?
Is AlphaNotes a verified plugin?
What are the future enhancements expected for AlphaNotes?
What does the PDF export feature of AlphaNotes do?
Can AlphaNotes condense articles into study material?
Can I interact with AlphaNotes to get customized notes?
How does AlphaNotes generate study notes from YouTube courses?
Can AlphaNotes generate both notes and summaries from videos and articles?


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