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Summarize any YouTube video instantly.
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Yolt is an AI-driven tool developed primarily for summarizing YouTube videos in an efficient and effective manner. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, Yolt can create concise and informing summaries of YouTube videos, aiming to uncover key points and insights from a video within a short span of time.

This feature provides users with a quick overview of video content, enabling them to save time and ensure they are investing their viewership into content that aligns with their interests.

Yolt's encapsulation of any YouTube video into a readable summary can be a valuable tool for various users, from researchers and students seeking educational content to casual viewers looking to consume entertainment more efficiently.

It's an innovative aid that may transform the way one interacts with video content. Users are to note that the summarizing speed and quality of Yolt may vary based on the complexity, length and context of the video.


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Mar 21, 2024
works really well for me
Mar 17, 2024
website is not working it always says today limit has been reached
Mar 16, 2024
website is not working it always says that todays limit has been reached, but in reality I have not summarize any 1 video yet.

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Yolt was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 15th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Summarizes YouTube videos instantly
Provides quick content overview
Saves user's time
Facilitates efficient viewing
Useful for diverse user base
Informs about key video points
Supports personalized viewing
Enables content filtering
Transforms video interaction
Valuable for researchers and students
Increases entertainment consumption efficiency
Analysis varies with video complexity
Analysis varies with video length
Analysis varies with video context


Limited to YouTube videos
Variable summarizing speed
Quality varies by video
No content filtering customization
No adjustable summary length
No language select options
Depends on video complexity
Not for non-summarizing tasks
No mention of API
No plan options provided


What is Yolt?
What is the main purpose of Yolt?
How does Yolt work to summarise YouTube videos?
Can Yolt summarise any YouTube video?
Do the summaries provided by Yolt vary based on the complexity of the video?
What kind of viewers can benefit from using Yolt?
How does Yolt help users save time?
How can Yolt aid in more efficient video consumption?
What are the key features of Yolt?
How fast can Yolt generate summaries?
How does Yolt ensure the quality of the summaries?
What is the advantage of using Yolt?
How could Yolt be useful for researchers and students?
How does Yolt's AI-powered feature work?
What does Yolt offer in terms of content overview and content filtering?
How does the length of the video impact Yolt's summarizing speed?
How could Yolt transform the way one interacts with video content?
Does the context of the video influence the summary created by Yolt?
How is Yolt's personalised viewing function useful for the users?
Can Yolt function as an educational tool?

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