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Short video creation for social media platforms.
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Choppity is an AI-powered tool that enables users to quickly and easily turn long videos into short, engaging clips for social media platforms such as TikTok, LinkedIn, and more.

With Choppity, users can automatically add animated subtitles and center faces in the videos, allowing for more effective engagement with the content.

In addition, Choppity ensures compliance with accessibility standards by including captions.Choppity is designed to be significantly faster than traditional video editing software, providing users with the ability to edit 60 second videos in under 5 minutes.

Additionally, Choppity is far more affordable than outsourcing video editing on Fiverr, with its “Starter” plan equating to just £0.33/minute.Choppity has been institutionally backed by Durham University’s Venture School, and it is committed to empowering creatives to stay creative.

It also uses innovative technology to automate video editing for marketers and content creators.Users can sign up for Choppity for free, without a credit card required.

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Nov 3, 2023
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Pros and Cons


Creates short social media videos
Automatically adds animated subtitles
Centers faces in videos
Complies with accessibility standards
Significantly faster than traditional software
Affordable editing costs
Backed by Durham University
Great for content creators
Free sign up, no CC required
Automates repetitive editing tasks
Turns long videos into TikToks
Influences viewer engagement
Creates phone-suitable videos
Repurposes YouTube and podcast content
Increases video viewership reach
9x faster than traditional editing
45x cheaper than Fiverr outsourcing
Helps people with hearing disabilities
Easy to use interface


Limited editing features
No multi-language support
Lacks customisation for subtitles
No platform-specific optimization
No explicit file export options
Lack of advanced editing tools
Inability to insert additional elements
No collaborative editing


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